Is to seamlessly enable your marketing success by providing you with the marketing knowledge and support that you need to make more effective, profitable marketing decisions.

We believe that marketing success is inevitable with understanding (Customers / markets), proper planning (knowledge-based decision making), creativity, action (strategic and tactical implementation) and measurement.

Customer Focus:

Customer focus is a commercial necessity in today’s marketplace. It is difficult to have a deep understanding of the marketplace without understanding your customers. However, it is our experience that many companies don’t really understand:

  • Who their customers are
  • Where their customers are positioned in the customer chain
  • Customer interdependencies and the impact on the marketing mix
  • Buying pathway for each specific customer segment

We can help you better understand your customers

Proper planning:

We believe in knowledge-based decision making. For this reason, we begin each engagement with a 360 degree situational analysis.

Including all internal and external stakeholders and customers. Identification of the key insights and strategic imperatives for commercial and marketing success informs the strategic and tactical plans.


It has been said and we firmly believe that necessity is the mother of all invention. To us creativity is a function of experiences, knowledge, circumstances and risk profile. We are always willing to choose the road less travelled as we believe that strategy, creativity and surprise can beat better supposedly smarter, stronger better resourced and stronger competitors every time.

Action: (Strategic and Tactical Implementation)

It is easy to plan it is not as easy to implement that plan. It shouldn’t surprise us (but it still does!!) to see the effort, time and resources that companies spend to build the perfect plan but fail to take action and implement the plan because of intervening crises dejour, lack of headcount, leaser and / or champion.

We want to be part of implementing the recommendations that we make to see them through to a successful conclusion. In fact, we believe that this is a logical next step to ensure marketing success. As more impartial 3rd party champions, it is often easier for us to establish the cross company, cross-functional support necessary to implement the plan successfully and not see it wither and die on the vine. Failure to act is probably one of the greatest waster of resources in companies today.


In the fast moving environment that we operate in today, there is a great tendency to implement a strategy, process or tactic and then move on to the next crack in the wall. Very little time and energy is spent on measuring the effectiveness and impact of past strategies and tactics. At CMS we believe that understanding our past actions drives the success of future actions and that strategies and tactics evolve over time. Measurement is key.