Customers Behavior Consultant NJ

Customers Behavior Consultant NJ

The fast-paced world of the digital age has created a new consumer. Today there is so much information, and so much choice available, that people are becoming more and more difficult to convince, much less to build loyalty. Traditional marketing strategies and even new practices such as Inbound Marketing seem increasingly insufficient.

In this scenario, many companies spend a lot on generating strategies to achieve some profitability. The thing is, in many cases, no one stops to think: do I know my customer? Millions of companies are failing, because as the great guru Phillip Kothler says: they don't know their target audience.

To solve this difficulty, a wise decision is to have a customers behavior consultant. You must know the great advantages that your company can achieve with the assistance of these specialists.

Why Is A Customer Behavior Consultant Necessary?

Business owners and their marketers concentrate on highlighting the benefits of their products or services, and in most cases, the consumer ignores everything you try to highlight. It's something known as “Marketing Myopia”. For example, you don't sell clothes for ladies: you sell glamour, beauty, sensuality.  Nobody wants a hammer: what they want is to hang a painting.

The consultant will help you understand your target audience. The specialist will teach you to understand what your customer feels, which are their doubts, dreams, or what is what they value. In this way, the counselor will advise you so that you can align your strategies directed towards the clients’ feelings and thoughts, achieving real competitive advantages and profitability. 

How Does a Consultant Work Customer-Centered Marketing?

The expert will assist you in analyzing the different dimensions involved in a client's purchasing decisions process. In the first place, the steps of the people's purchasing decision process will be taken into account:

  1. Recognition of the need
  2. Choosing the level of involvement
  3. Identification of alternatives
  4. Evaluation of alternatives
  5. Post-buy behavior. This decision process is influenced by:
    1. Information
    2. Social and group pressures
    3. Psychological pressures
    4. Situational factors

For each stage of the process, the professional will help you design the strategies, contents, and tactics necessary for you to place the right message at the right time. This way, you will increase the chances of conversion, and maximize the fixation of your brand in the minds of customers. This ultimately means sustainable profitability & a loyal clientele. If you want more advice from the best customers behavior consultant in NJ, the Cognisus Marketing Solutions team will be happy to support you.

The second dimension has to do with the type of purchase the customer must make:

  • New non-important purchase
  • Unimportant repurchase
  • Important new purchase
  • Important repurchase
  • Reward/caprice
  • Impulse Purchase

Similarly, for each type of purchase, there is a level of involvement, a dimension of feelings, and a course of action of people. It is the task of the consultant to help you implement the ideal strategies so that you take advantage of every instant to reach directly to the heart of your client, increasing the value that you bring to them. This will propel you above the competition, and lead you to success in your markets, increasing, of course, your profit.

Trust The Best!

Are you ready to be at the forefront of your competition? Let Cognisus Marketing Solutions, the most extraordinary customers behavior consultant in NJ, assist you. Let us help you truly know your customer and design the right strategies that will take you to the top. Contact us.

Customers Behavior Consultant NJ
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