A privately-held Pharmaceutical manufacturer was concerned that product NRx growth was flattening. The company needed to quickly identify and address the factors slowing Rx growth. Resources were not available for additional marketing FTE’s. CMS was hired to provide immediate additional product marketing support and market research services.


The CMS objective was to identify the key barriers to Rx growth, utilizing qualitative primary research in customer segments (High-Low research). CMS identified key uptake barriers and provided low-cost, high-impact recommendations to address the challenges.

Solution Summary

Within ten weeks CMS provided the data analytics, supporting rationale to support 8 key recommendations that included:

  • More effective re-allocation of sales team / implementation initiatives.
  • Strategic and tactical Co-pay card program changes
  • Design and implementation of Medical Education and Awareness programs.
  • Additional Patient initiatives, programs and tracking methodologies

Monthly growth increased from 5% NRx to 25% NRx. Educator team, addressing Pharmacy awareness and patient awareness (Catalina / Notify RX) growth curve should.