The Flag of New Zealand
Brand Logo Development Process This is the second of six in a series reviewing the New Zealand Flag re-branding process, a large and often internally divisive year-long project to run a new flag up the flag-pole by April 2016. In commercial organizations of all types and sizes, marketing projects can sometimes be intense and emotional. Usually [...]
Running, Marketing, Positioning and Yoga I had to stop running in fall 2013, because of a groin injury. After months of unsuccessful physical rehabilitation, I was advised to forget about running, consider low impact activities and concentrate on “strengthening my core”. I started cycling and swimming and in January of this year, I started yoga. [...]

Challenge This training and educator provider was introducing a new service and wanted to: Appropriately position it with their target audience Develop compelling messaging to drive uptake Methodology CMS conducted attribute research within the target customer segment to: Identify market challenges, needs and expectations. Identified key attributes and customer willingness to pay for each specific […]